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Exploring the Best of Takaoka City: A Guide to Top Tourist Attractions

Takaoka City and its surroundings are rich in cultural heritage and natural beauty. The area boasts landmarks like the Takaoka Great Buddha, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship, and the serene Zuiryuji Temple, a National Treasure with stunning architecture. The charming historical streets, such as the traditional storehouse district, offer a glimpse into the past. At the same time, the breathtaking Amaharashi Coast presents spectacular views of the Sea of Japan and the distant Tateyama Mountain Range. This region is a perfect blend of historical treasures and natural wonders, appealing to history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. There are many sushi restaurants beloved by locals, offering an abundance of fresh sushi.


Takaoka Great Buddha 高岡大仏

Takaoka Great Buddha

The Takaoka Great Buddha is a copper Buddha statue in Takaoka, celebrated as one of the largest in Japan. Symbolizing the craftsmanship of local artisans, it’s surrounded by a tranquil garden, offering peace and serenity to its visitors. This spot is cherished as a regional cultural heritage, providing a peaceful retreat.


Takaoka Old Castle Park 高岡古城公園

Takaoka Old Castle Park

Takaoka Old Castle Park, developed on the site of a former castle, offers natural beauty throughout the seasons. It becomes a bustling spot in spring with its blooming cherry blossoms, attracting both locals and tourists. The park serves as a place of relaxation for the citizens, immersing them in Takaoka’s history and nature.


ZIBA (Takaoka Regional Traditional Industry Center)高岡地域地場産業センター

The Takaoka Regional Traditional Industry Center (ZIBA) showcases and sells traditional crafts from Takaoka. It introduces the beauty and skill of local crafts to visitors, offering a place to experience Takaoka’s culture. Regular workshops and events, communicate the allure of handmade crafts.


Takaoka Otogi no Mori Park (Doraemon’s Empty Lot)


Takaoka Otogi no Mori Park (Doraemon’s Empty Lot) is a theme park inspired by the popular manga “Doraemon”. The park is a hit among children, featuring attractions and objects that bring the world of Doraemon to life. It’s a fun spot highly recommended for families.


Shoko-ji 国宝 勝興寺

Shoko-ji Takaoka

Shoko-ji Temple in Takaoka is an ancient temple known for its National Treasure-designated buildings. It welcomes visitors with its beautiful architectural style and serene atmosphere, making it a significant site for those interested in history or architecture.


The Amaharashi Coast (Noto Peninsula Quasi-National Park) 雨晴海岸

Amaharashi Coast Toyama

The Amaharashi Coast, facing the Sea of Japan, is famous for its breathtaking sunset views. On clear days, visitors can see the Tateyama Mountain Range, offering a moment to appreciate the grandeur of nature. It’s a popular spot for walking and photography among locals.


The National Treasure Zuiryu-ji Temple 国宝  瑞龍寺

The National Treasure Zuiryu-ji Temple

The National Treasure Zuiryuji Temple is a temple in Takaoka with beautiful gardens and splendid architecture. Designated as a National Treasure, it offers quiet beauty to its visitors. Its intricate carvings and garden designs captivate all who visit.


Yamachosuji Historical Preservation District 土蔵造りの町並み・山町筋

Yamachosuji Historical Preservation District

The traditional storehouse-style streetscape of Yamamachi-Suji in Takaoka retains the city’s traditional architectural style. This area, with its historic storehouse buildings, evokes the spirit of the past. Ideal for strolling and photography, it offers visitors a glimpse into old Japan.


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