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Explore Akita's Best: From Samurai Streets to Cherry Blossoms – A Comprehensive Guide for Tourists

The area around Akita Station serves as the central hub of Akita City, bustling with various attractions. Nearby popular spots like Akita Citizen’s Market and Senshū Park allow visitors to enjoy local food culture and nature. Additionally, the commercial facilities and restaurants in front of the station provide a wide range of options for visitors. Kakunodate, often referred to as “Little Kyoto,” is a tourist destination known for its well-preserved samurai residences and traditional Japanese streetscapes. The area is especially bustling with tourists during the cherry blossom season in spring. Facilities that allow a deeper understanding of the area’s culture and history are also well-established here.

Kakunodate Townscape(角館の町並み)

Kakunodate townscape

Kakunodate is known for its beautiful historic streets that have been preserved since the Edo period, featuring numerous samurai residences. In spring, the town is adorned with cherry blossoms, and the view during the “Sakura Festival” is particularly spectacular.

Samurai Residence (Ishiguro House) 武家屋敷「石黒家」

Kakunodate samurai house and cherry blossom

One of the representative samurai residences in Kakunodate, the Ishiguro House has been open to the public, preserving over 300 years of history. It retains strong features of samurai housing, including earthen walls and thatched gates.

Official HP:https://www.hana.or.jp/~bukeishi/

Hinokinaigawazutsumi Someiyoshino Cherry blossoms (桧木内川堤ソメイヨシノ)

Cherry blossom trees on the bank of Hinokinai River in Kakunodate.

Along the riverbank of the Hinokinaigawazutsumi, a 2-kilometer stretch of Somei Yoshino cherry trees attracts numerous visitors each spring. Its beauty has earned it a spot in the “Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots in Japan.”

Official HP:https://www.city.semboku.akita.jp/sightseeing/spot/07_someiyoshino.html

Kubota Castle Ruins (久保田城跡)

Kubota Castle Ruins

Located in Akita city, these castle ruins were once the residence of the Satake clan, the feudal lords of Akita. Today, the site is maintained as a park, where visitors can see remnants like stone walls and moats.

Official HP:https://www.city.akita.lg.jp/kanko/kanrenshisetsu/1002685/1009873/1009870/1002300.html

Akita City Senshū Museum of Art

Situated within Senshū Park, this museum primarily exhibits works by artists native to Akita Prefecture. The museum itself is also a modern architectural piece, offering a cultural experience. 

*Akita City Senshū Museum of Art is temporarily closed for renovation and will reopen on June 29, 2024.

Official HP:https://www.city.akita.lg.jp/kanko/kanrenshisetsu/1003643/index.html

Senshū Park(千秋公園)

Senshū Park

This expansive park in the center of Akita City encompasses the historical site of Kubota Castle. It is adored for its seasonal flowers and serves as a beloved place of relaxation for locals.

Akita Citizen’s Market

This market deals in fresh local ingredients and specialty products, offering a direct taste of Akita’s culinary culture. It is popular among tourists and locals alike, providing a taste of local flavors.

Official HP:http://www.akitashiminichiba.com/

Akita City Folk Arts Center (Neburinagashi-Kan) ねぶり流し館

Akita City Folk Arts Center

Focused on Akita’s traditional “Neburi Nagashi” festival, this museum allows visitors to learn about the history and culture of the festival, with exhibits that recreate the atmosphere of the actual event.

Official HP:https://www.city.akita.lg.jp/kanko/kanrenshisetsu/1003644/index.html

Akita Castle Ruins~Takashimizu Park 秋田城跡~高清水公園

Akita Castle Ruins

The area from Akita Castle Ruins to Takasumi Park offers scenic views that can be observed from the urban area. The park features historical landmarks amidst natural surroundings, blending nature with history.

Official HP:https://www.city.akita.lg.jp/kanko/kanrenshisetsu/1003616/index.html

Akita Sake Breweries Takashimizu 秋田酒類製造 高清水

One of the leading sake breweries in Akita Prefecture, it produces sake using locally grown rice. Brewery tours and tasting experiences are available, allowing visitors to delve deeper into the charm of Japanese sake.

Here are the details of the Tour.

Sake Brewery Tour Information
At our main brewery, you can see the sake brewing process. <Reservation required>
(Duration: approximately 45 minutes)

How to Apply: Please apply in advance by phone, email, or through our inquiry form.
Phone Number: 018-864-7331 Reception Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday to Friday)
Email Address: inquiry@takashimizu.co.jp
Inquiry Form: Click here to apply
Tour Times: 10:30 AM / 1:30 PM (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) Capacity: 40 persons
As reservations may be made by multiple groups, we will start the tour at the scheduled time or once the reception of all reserved guests has been confirmed. Please understand in advance.
Tour Location: Akita Sake Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Main Brewery
4-12 Mutsumi-cho, Kawamoto, Akita City, 010-0934
Map: 秋田酒類製造株式会社 本社蔵

Official HP:https://www.takashimizu.co.jp/

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